Head to Head

Performance is everything. Because we’re confident that we provide the highest performance for the best value, we’ve gone head to head with some of our major competitors. We’ve even published our head-to-head benchmarking script so that you can test for yourself.

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Platform: Cloud
Model: 4GB Standard
Date Tested: May 13, 2014
Apache Pages/Sec: 2848
Compile Kernel: 457 sec
GZIP 2GB File: 30.5 sec
Bandwidth: Metered
Price: $172/month

Amazon EC2

Platform: Cloud
Model: m3.medium
Date Tested: May 13, 2014
Apache Pages/Sec: 1338
Compile Kernel: 1195 sec
GZIP 2GB File: 36.08 sec
Bandwidth: Metered
Price: $94/month


Platform: Dedicated
Model: X-E3-1230v3
Date Tested: Oct 13, 2014
Apache Pages/Sec: 26443
Compile Kernel: 71.68 sec
GZIP 2GB File: 11.00 sec
Bandwidth: Unmetered
Price: $99/month


The servers above were tested on the dates cited, and while every effort was made to be accurate, we can’t be responsible for unintentional errors. You should test for yourself before making decisions based on these numbers. We’ve provided the scripts we used below. While we chose servers to test that we felt were most relevant, you should review the complete product offering of all providers. It should also be noted that product offerings do change. All of our servers are individually benchmarked before being placed on our realtime server inventory page. We also provide full documentation on how we do that testing below.

Head-To-Head Benchmarking Script Internal Benchmarking Script Realtime Server Inventory