Hands On Help (Paid Consulting)

Ever need a bit more help than a support department can give you? Maybe you have an SQL error, or maybe you just want to do something a bit out of the box like setting up a database cluster between two data centers. Your choices are straightforward. You can do it yourself, hire staff, or hire a freelancer. We add another choice to that mix: use our paid consulting division for your one-off problems. We bill a flat $60 USD per hour which is among the lowest rates in the industry, and where possible we estimate the time to solve a problem up front so you get no surprises. If we encounter additional problems, we inform you each step of the way so you know what’s going on and what it will cost you. Below are some examples of what it costs to have our Hands On Help department assist you.

Please note, we limit our liability for paid consulting. Use of our paid consulting services constitutes agreement with our terms of use, and our liability is limited to the amount billed by eSecureData under all circumstances.

To have an eSecureData consultant contact you, please enter your email address or phone number here or email us directly at sales@esecuredata.com.

SSL Certificate

$100 USD

We will procure and install an SSL Certificate from any of several approved vendors, and we’ll configure it on your server. This can be just a standard SSL Web Cert or it can be an EV Cert that shows your company in green in the address bar of most browsers. Price does not include the cost of the actual certificate, which ranges from $59 to $200 per year depending on provider. Please note the certificate issuing agency will contact you to verify the validity of your company.

Dropbox for Linux

$60 USD

We will install and configure Dropbox on your Linux server and set it up to sync with your Dropbox account. We will not need your Dropbox user/password to do this, but you will need to visit a link we provide you to authorize your server to connect to your Dropbox. We’ll also configure Dropbox to autostart when your server is rebooted.

MySQL Cluster

$500 USD

We will install and configure MySQL Cluster database server software on two Linux servers (even if they’re not eSecureData servers) and get them synchronized so that updates to one will be reflected on the other in realtime. We’ll work with your mysqldump backups to give you a fully synchronized dataset between two servers in separate data centers. Additional charges may apply for huge datasets.

BIND DNS Cluster

$200 USD

We will install and configure BIND DNS software on two Linux servers (even if they’re not eSecureData servers) in a master/slave configuration so that changes on the master are instantly reflected on the slave. This will ensure your DNS services are always up and always available.